Hello friends!

Hello everyone & welcome to my first official post on my new blog! For those of you who weren’t familiar with my old blog (The Unaverse), I started blogging a couple of years ago and had a mostly beauty-related blog that I went through many love-hate phases with.

In the past 6 months, I had really started slacking with my blogging, and I felt like I was kind of “over” it all; the perfect aesthetics, themes, all the color coordination and insanely perfect everything and everyone that is the showcase of every bloggers portfolio nowadays (and even the bloggers themselves). Blogging is fun, but the blogger industry itself comes with a lot of pressure and expectation, so I guess you could say I just started feeling overwhelmed and robotic. 

I quickly came to realize that my blog wasn’t even me

Everything I had done up to that point was inspired by other people, because I kept thinking “oh it HAS to be all white flatlays, and omg I HAVE to use this marble thing” and so on and so forth, to the point where I didn’t even think my blog was a true reflection of my actual personality.

The truth is, I’m a mess. My brain is a mess. I’m chaotic. I’m indecisive. I love vintage, but I also love modern. I love boho and wood, but I also love marble and rose gold; I adore antiques, Harry Potter, luxury brands, converse, stilettos, and so on. I can’t pick just one style. If I ever manage to save up enough money to refurnish & design my condo, I am the person who will 100% need to hire a designer, because my styles are so versatile and dependent on my mood.

So there, that is what you’re going to get on this blog. One big honest mess. I hope you’re ready.

xx Una