Adventuring Around Seattle

I honestly haven’t been to the USA in MILLENIUMS. I remember going quite frequently as a kid, and going into my late teens…back when things were way cheaper for us Canadians down south. I guess in the last few years I’d been preoccupied with things like traveling to the motherland, and getting married and all that jazz, so I’d been neglecting my fellow neighbors. BUT that all changed last Saturday when my mom and sister insisted I tag along.

Firstly, I love long-distance driving (I also don’t have a license so the not driving part is probably why I like it so much), but I really just enjoy putting on some good tunes and having a great ol’ time eating snacks with the poor soul who has to sit still with me for however long. We decided to drive up to Seattle for the day and then hit up the Tulalip Outlets on the way back.

Our first stop was obviously for caffeine (hello…it was 9 am on a Saturday), and we stopped at this cute little coffee shop called Woods. From first glance, it reminds me of Starbucks, but the coffee is 100x tastier! I got a 24oz latte (btw, Starbucks could really start offering 24oz hot drinks) and it was amazing. I also got a white chocolate raspberry scone (warmed) that was the best damn scone I’ve ever eaten. I’m sorry I couldn’t get a picture, I was way too eye-hungry to wait. Who can relate?

We finally arrived in Seattle, and I was reminded how much I love the view when you’re driving into the city: the water, the buildings, the boats…it’s honestly the cutest thing. After taking 67 years to find parking and nearly running several people over at every cross walk (Seattle is way more crowded than I thought) we began the journey of figuring out where the hell things were located! What I really love about Seattle compared to Vancouver is how much character the city has. The buildings have actual textures and aren’t just giant glass boxes that all look the same. I’m honestly obsessed with how cute everything is- it made me feel like I was back in Europe.

Naturally the first thing that we did was visit the Seattle Public Market. HOLY SHIT. I have never seen a market so damn packed with people! I also hate crowds, so I feel that I didn’t enjoy myself quiiiite as much as I could have on a less busy day, but I thought the market had really great things. I bought these amazing apple chips (can’t remember the name, but the booth is right next to the guys who throw the fish around, and yes, people who don’t  know…there are guys who throw fish at each other at the market). There was also an adorable book store and a creepy but awesome lady in front, posing as a statue.

Anyways, there was an entire booth dedicated to LAVENDER. Yes, LAVENDER. I’m 100% going back to Seattle very soon just to go buy everything they had. In the meantime I bought my bestie a gift (but I can’t tell you what it is yet in case she reads this). I also really enjoyed the floral bouques. Very pretty & artistic, not just thrown together like here in Vancouver.

I also visited the GUM WALL for the first time ever. The word “wall” is rather a hyperbole here, because it’s basically an entire alleyway covered in gum. No joke. Super disgusting yet really cool all at the same time.

All in all, I really enjoyed visiting Seattle. I love how artsy the city looks, and the character that everything has. It’s actually way more populated than I thought so it was quite crowded getting around, but I love that it has such a big small town vibe to it, and everyone that we encountered was super friendly (learn something, Vancouver). We also shopped until we dropped and I got some great clothing snags at Forever 21. We went out of our way to stop by an Ulta as well and I got some awesome makeup snags there too…but that will be a separate post (or maybe even posts ;)) to come.

Hope I didn’t bore you all too much with all this writing! I tried to include lots of photos for viewing pleasure, but I really want to write about more than just makeup, so let me know what you think!

xx Una