Covergirl TruBlend Matte Made Foundation ~ Review

FINALLY A DRUG STORE FOUNDATION COMES OUT THAT HAS MY ACTUAL SHADE and doesn’t make me look like a pink flamingo!

When I saw the launch announcement for this foundation, I was ecstatic. First and foremost because they came out with 40 SHADES. FORTY. SHADES!!! IN THE DRUGSTORE. Amazing.

My neutral toned skin is very pleased. I found a shade that matches me perfectly: L40. I also paid like $10.34 for it. Um, what?

My first thoughts when I was buying this was “will this be as good as the L’Oreal Infallible Matte? The infallible foundation was what got me shopping at the drugstore for makeup again. It was one of the first things in YEARS that came out that was good quality (in my opinion), and for me, it led the way for other products, and forced other brands to step up their game.

My only problem with the Infallible Matte is that it comes in 9 shades. 9 shades for 4243243 billion men and women, none of whom have the same skin tone. Oh, and it’s roughly $20 in Canada at the DRUGSTORE. wtf???

I’m 102-Shell Beige in the Infallible which works pretty well for me personally, and it’s a foundation I’ve been using for over two years now. The TruBlend Matte however, is also just as amazing.

Both foundations are really matte, like SUPER matte. I wore both to the gym through a workout however, and the TruBlend did get greasy on my forehead and separated a bit, whereas the Infallible held together quite well. But really, who actually wears makeup to the gym anyway? I just did it for testing purposes. You’re welcome.

The coverage with the TruBlend is great. Definitely high coverage, blends very well and doesn’t look dry or cakey on me. Now, it says that it’s a 12 hour wear…but I did notice that the first couple of days I wore it to work, it moved a bit on the front and sides of my nose closer to the end of the day. That’s not a huge deal to me for $10.

If you ask me- I’ll be making the switch to the TruBlend, mostly because it looks just like the Infallible, but for half the price. I’d also rather support a brand that is obviously putting the effort in being inclusive to ALL people, as opposed to 9 “general” skintones.

Have you guys tried either of these? If anyone has tried both, I’d love to hear your thoughts and comparison as well!

xx Una