JASON Dry Spray Deodorant – Review

I love when I receive surprise PR, especially when it’s something like deodorant because I seem to frequently forget that things like deodorant are part of beauty too and hey Una…maybe someone wants to read deodorant reviews?

Typically, I use stick deodorant. I find that it holds its scent longer and definitely helps with perspiration way better than a dry spray does. At times I DO buy a dry spray, it’s usually Dove. Why? Mainly because I know nothing about other deodorant brands and Dove feels the safest, but also because I enjoy how it smells. With my lack of deodorant knowledge, I most certainly don’t look into the ingredients much so I normally just buy whichever one is on sale and smells the nicest.

When I opened these bad boys up, I was definitely intrigued because I’ve tried other JASON products in the past (coconut oil, lotions) and have really liked them. They sent over two scents: Soft Rose and Fresh Cucumber. I noticed on the packaging that they’re made without aluminum, butane, parabens, phthalates and artificial fragrances. The lack of artificial fragrances had me excited because in things like deodorant these artificial fragrances can have icky smells that are too sweet & give you a migraine. Right off the bat I migrated towards the rose because I hate cucumbers, scent and all (yes I’m sorry) and I have to say the rose scent disappointed me. Actually, both scents disappointed me. Neither one smells anything like rose or cucumber (in my opinion) and I found them to actually smell extremely fake and very alcoholic. I flipped it over to check the ingredients and lo-and-behold the first ingredient is alcohol denat. Now, while I 100% understand the need for alcohol in a dry spray deodorant (we don’t want foam, and we want our pits to be dry), I felt like maybe there was TOO much as to me, it definitely compromised the scent so strongly that I actually don’t want to use these.

So in short- they’re artificial scent free but they definitely don’t smell artificial scent free due to the overpowering alcohol scent.

The rest of the (short list) of ingredients seem fine, however I couldn’t help but notice there weren’t any actual rose or cucumber-y scents (I don’t actually know how you would get a cucumber scent naturally, if you know please tell me), so that was a bit weird to me but maybe I’m just super uneducated ^.^

Oh and, as far as the actual quality of the sprays- they’re fine. They last a good while of the day just like any other dry spray deodorant, unfortunately I just can’t use these as the smell bothers me too much.

I’d love to know if anyone else has tried these and if your thoughts are the same as mine or if you like the smell? Please let me know!

xx Una


Disclaimer: I received these products free of charge as PR, for consideration. All thoughts and opinions are my own regardless of whether I have purchased a product, or had it sent to me as PR.