Ofra Peptide Brightening Mask – Review

I’ve inherited a lot of wonderful qualities from my mother such as a work ethic & fab legs, but I also inherited red cheeks. These red cheeks come and go, depending on what I’m using (and as a skincare enthusiast I’m constantly trying new things = the lack of stability is real), so sometimes they get really red.

I’ve had the Ofra Peptide Brightening (previously Whitening) Mask in my collection for almost two years now, and it’s the one & only thing I’ve found that actually helps reduce the redness in my cheeks when they’re overpowering.

I usually keep the mask on for 15-20 minutes at night time. It doesn’t dry my skin out or anything like that, just helps soothe the redness. It’s also supposedly great for hyper-pigmentation (don’t have it, can’t vouch), and is great for all skin types!

It’s definitely higher up in price- $59 USD (i cry slightly when i order it because a) USD and b) shipping costs) but if you have issues with redness & you’ve tried other things that haven’t worked then I definitely recommend giving it a try!

Have you guys ever tried this mask? Did it work for you? Leave me a comment below & let me know 🙂

xx Una