OleHenriksen Truth “Smoothie” Review

Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a reckless skincare hoarder. I currently have 5 “gasp it’s almost gone I need a new one” cleansers sitting in my bathroom that I still haven’t used up…because I keep buying new ones & using them before I finish the existing ones. About a month ago, I had another one of these moments where I looked at my cleanser collection and realized they were all approaching death. Did I continue to use them until they were done? Nope. I ordered a new one. In fact…I got two “sister” products because they were a fan-fucking-tastic deal (two OleHenriksen full size products for $46.00, which saved me $26!!!). For decadesssss (i’m dramatic) I’ve been looking for a cleanser that has a super sexy citrus scent that will tingle my senses and wake my zombie ass up in the mornings when I try to gracefully wash my face like a Neutragena commercial (and fail, I should add).


…………….and her cute, girl next door type sister, the walnut scrub.

I gotta tell ya, I am living for the combo. DISCLAIMER: if you’re not the sweet orange type, you won’t like this. You may however, still enjoy walnut scrub which also smells quite seductive. I can’t quite describe the scent of it though. It’s sweet, but it’s not citrus. I would assume it’s walnut & ginseng as that’s what it says on the front, but to be honest I’m 26 years old and I still have no idea what actual ginseng smells like (???does anyone actually know this or am I a lump of failure????)

Anyways. Yes. Scents are both awesome, we have established that.

Now, the whole “thing” behind this combo is that it’s a “smoothie,” so you mix the two products together at the same time (ingenious, I know). You obviously do not have to do this, it’s 2018 and we are independent women and can use our products however we like!!! But it is quite lovely when they are combined.

I stick to using the foam cleanser in the mornings because of the scent, but also because foam cleansers are actually a bit drying for my skin type (combo-oily), which I find helpful throughout the day- but at night I’d rather opt for something more hydrating (like my ITCosmetics cream/serum cleanser AKA Confidence In a Cleanser). The foam cleanser lathers REALLY well, so I only use the teeeeeniest amount.

Since I don’t exfoliate more than 2x per week (unless my skin is having a mental breakdown), I go back and forth between using the scrub alone or combined with the cleanser. The scrub is quite nice, my face feels soft and gentle like a babies bottom afterwards, but then again, any scrub should do that. I don’t see a difference when it comes to using them together or separately to be honest, so I’d say do whatever you want in that sense. I do really like the scrub though. It’s quite gritty but I don’t find it painful or insanely coarse on my face. Though if you have very sensitive skin you might want to stick with a peel instead of a scrub.

All in all, 10/10 for Ole Henriksen (which I just recently learned is pronounced “oo-la” which just makes no sense in my head so I am starting a protest and will proceed calling it “o-lay” WHO’S WITH ME?

Well that’s enough of my ramblings for today. I’m off to go be hungry (I’ve just started a new cough LIFESTYLE cough which means I’m going to be healthy forever now………………………bwahahaha)

Much love,