Pearlessence Dry Shampoo

It has been a good while since I’ve owned a dry shampoo. It’s one product that I can never seem to remember to buy, and when the odd miracle would occur and I DID remember, my go-to was generally Batiste. Guilty confession: I mostly only bought Batiste because a) everyone loves it and b) it’s cheap but does its job, however I wasn’t actually the biggest fan of it, because I haaaaated how it made my hair feel like sticky hay.

The other day I was casually strolling through Winners as we do after a nice payday, and after my 5th lap around the skin/body/hair section, I decided the 7 things in my cart weren’t enough and remembered I needed dry shampoo. I didn’t see any Batiste on the shelf, but the Pearlessence bottle caught my eye because I thought the packaging was really adorable and very much my style.

I sprayed the air around me to get a whiff of the Rose Petal scent, and thought it smelled amazing, so I tossed it in and hoped for the best.

Guys. This stuff is AMAZING.

At least it is in my opinion, & here is why: IT DOESN’T GIVE MY HAIR STICKY HAY TEXTURE! It really smells good, but to me that isn’t even as important as the texture it leaves. Yes, it sprays on white but all you have to do is massage it in and you literally can’t even tell. What’s more is that it absorbs the oil so well that it’s basically the Hoover of dry shampoos, and to top it all off it gives my hair a beautiful, voluminous shine. I am so so so so SO impressed. I will be heading back to Winners ASAP rocky and stocking up.

Let me know if you guys have tried the Pearlessence dry shampoo, or any other Pearlessence products that you think I should try. I’m all ears!

xx Una