The Blogging Industry – A Rant

Oh boy. This is a topic that I’ve been putting off writing about for months now,  a) because I think a lot of people already have, and b) it’s just pointless because nothing will change. At least not for a while.

When I first started blogging, I did it because I wanted a creative outlet. Blogging gave me so many versatile ways to be creative all in one platform: I could write, I could take photos, I could edit photos which I love doing, I can design a website (which I also love doing) and being in such a huge phase with makeup, I felt the most comfortable writing about beauty.

Once I got going, I got even more excited when I found out there was a whole community of people with the same passion and interests as me! Woohoo! I could even have new friends to talk makeup & marble objects with.

Hahahaha….or not.

I feel like so many people in the community are fake. It’s basically like being back in high school. You have your little “girl squad” who refuses to let anyone else in (yet they’re constantly writing about inclusivity and giving new bloggers ‘advice’). The people who will reply to your shit, but when they see you at an event, they act like they don’t see you, ONLY to reply to your story from said event once it’s over like “omg you were there??? Why didn’t you come to find me!!” … u ok hun? The only time I will come find you is when you turn into Ryan Gosling and want to date me.

Another thing that has majorly been getting on my nerves, and a huge part of the reason I had stopped blogging consistently for a while is that no one is original anymore. I feel like there is a “blogging recipe” now, which HAS to include 4 cups of white backgrounds, 3 3/4 cups of marble props, and 3 liters of flatlays.  Really? I mean don’t get me wrong, I was following this exact recipe since the beginning, because I wanted to make sure people would like my content, and the bloggers with the brightest & whitest marble-full photos seemed to go far in Instagram life. And then after months of being a robot poster, I realized I was unhappy. Why? Because I am not the kind of person who can follow one rule and one rule only. I don’t give a shit if my photo today was a white flatlay and my photo tomorrow is dark and full of warm-toned shadows. Ok? I. Don’t. Care. And you shouldn’t either. Obviously, I agree that your content needs to be high resolution, clear and nice to look at, but why can’t we all just be ourselves instead of doing whatever everyone else is doing?

I think the world of Instagram “Influencers” has become so oversaturated that I can’t even find people to follow for inspiration anymore. I can’t tell who’s real, who’s fake, who actually has 50,000 followers or who bought them. It’s exhausting. I always wonder why society constantly takes a good thing and then ruins it. Oh yeah….greed. Don’t even get me started on people buying followers or following then unfollowing. There is a special place in Hell for those people. See you bitches in the VIP line!

I guess all I want to tell people is to stop doing things for the wrong reasons. It’s not all about PR or sponsorships or events or whatever the hell else we get as perks. Let’s go back to being genuine, positive and actually giving a shit about each other. 

Sorry for the ranty post, but I needed to get that off my chest. What are your thoughts?

xx Una