Top 4 Palettes of 2018!

Yes, it’s that time of the year where we all revisit the last 12 months…try to remember what we did, or didn’t do, where we went, what we’d like to achieve in the next 12 months…bla bla bla. I know most of us are also posting our fav 2018 products, so naturally I will hop on the band wagon and tell you mine. This is the palette version of the “2018 favorites” and I find it fascinating that I’ve only chosen 4…this just goes to show how little makeup I’ve worn this year. For shame. Do better 2019 me.

  1. Morphe 35F – I got this on a fairly recent journey to Seattle (back in September I believe). It’s the first Morphe palette I’ve owned and while it was ridiculously hard for me to choose which palette I wanted, I went with this one because I love how many glitter-shades there are (I lack these in other palettes), and the shade range is just so beautiful, with basically every color I always end up using so it was a good fit for me. The colors are beautifully pigmented, and I love the bottom row of transition shade mattes that are extremely versatile, allowing you to make at LEAST a zillion looks out of this one palette (for $23 USD…I ain’t complaining).
  2. Naked HEAT – I would be a monster if I didn’t include this palette in my favorites. The last couple of years has been a cranberry/red CRAZE, and this is definitely my favorite palette for all of your favorite reds, oranges and cranberries. I found myself pleasantly surprised with this palette, as the first 4 Naked palettes are very underwhelming to me, so my hopes weren’t high here. THEY CAME THROUGH THOUGH, because the pigment is unreal, and the colors are s t u n n i n g.
  3. Benefit Blush Bar – My holy grail face palette. 2018 was the year of the Blush for me, and I LOVE this palette because it’s such a great cocktail of blush & bronzer shades that you can use alone, or mix together to customize your own shade. The Benefit Hoola Bronzer is my favorite bronzer to date, so I really love having this entire palette to beat the heck out of my face with. PS the Galifornia blush is to DIE for.
  4. Tarte Rainforest of the Sea (#2) – I got this as a birthday gift and it’s one of the best everyday palettes I’ve had. The pigment is perfect for an every day make up look. It’s not necessarily the BEST pigmentation I’ve ever seen, but like I said…for an everyday look, it’s perfect. It’s nice, subtle and natural and very very easy to use. It’s usually the palette I reach for in the mornings when I feel like wearing eye shadow but don’t want to put effort in to the actual eye look.

What are your favorite palettes of 2018?


xx Una